GOI CUON - Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls - $14.5
Vietnamese signature dish. Fresh rice paper spring rolls filled with pork, prawn, rice noodles and herbs. Served with a classic in-house spiced bean dipping sauce. (Vegetarian on request).

GOI CHIEN – Vietnamese Basket of Crispy Dumplings & Spring Rolls - $14.5
Delicious crispy pork & prawn dumplings made with our special in-house Vietnamese style sweet potato pastry. Accompanied with crispy pork & prawn crispy spring rolls & dipping sauce.

BANH KHOT – Vietnamese Mini Pancakes with Saute Pork & Prawns - $14.5
A famous Vietnamese Street food snack. Crispy mini pancakes seasoned with Vietnaamese herbs & spices. Topped with saute pork, prawns, fresh herbs, coconut sauce.

BO NUONG – Vietnamese Street Style Char-Grilled Beef Skewers - $15.5
Premium Taupo grass fed Angus beef mince marinated with Vietnamese herbs & spices. Wrapped around fresh lemongrass & BBQ. Served with rice noodles, nuts, herbs & dipping sauce.

BANH BAO – Steamed Pork Bun Sliders - $15.5
Slow braised belly of pork in our master stock. Sandwiched between fluffy white steamed buns. Served with Hoisin, chilli sauce, pickled vegetables & coriander. Best eaten like a burger.

TOM NUONG – Charr-Grilled Slipper Lobsters with Green Papaya Salad - $16
Charred grilled wild caught slipper lobsters served with a refreshing Vietnamese style green Papaya salad. Topped with fresh Asian herbs, roasted peanuts & Vietnamese tamarind dressing.

VIT CUON - Aromatic Roast Duck Wraps with Plum Sauce - $15.5
Vietnamese “five-spice” roast duck wrapped with cucumber, coriander, pickled vegetables, sesame seeds, spring onion, Hoisin bean & chilli sauce. Served with plum dipping sauce.

CANH GA CHIEN - Stuffed Chicken Wings with Pork & Prawns - $15.5
Delicious stuffed chicken wings with our special prok & prawn filling. Fried until crispy, served with a tangy chilli & lime dressing. Labour of love.


    Chicken Nuggets & Chips - $12

    Hot Dogs $ Chips - $12

    Fish and Chips - $12


    Side Fries - $5.5

    Side Rice - $5.5

    Salad - $5.5